Renovation Detail: The Casement Window

If heaving open your windows leaves you winded, let the cranks or cam handles of casement windows bring in an easier breeze
Every night as I wash dishes at my kitchen sink I stare out the double-hung window, dreaming of the day that I will throw it into a Dumpster and replace it with a French casement window. Attached to their frame by side hinges, casement windows are installed singly or in pairs within a common frame (French). They're known for their ability to open wide, allowing for maximum ventilation and unobstructed views. What's best is how easily they're opened. Hand cranks or cam handles are quite accessible and can easily be reached even if a deep counter, sink or bathtub is the way.

Safety note: Use caution if casements are installed on the upper level of a home, keeping in mind the safety of small children and pets.


A massive triple faucet sink sits under wood-trimmed casement windows. Fortunately, the window's cam handle allows for easy opening.


French casement windows mirror the room's several sets of French doors.


French casement windows open onto one of the best blocks in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.


Three casement windows with cranks and a leaded glass transom window marry to create a grand sitting-room window wall.


An undermount stainless steel sink sits under black-trimmed casement windows at this New York City residence, allowing for sprawling city views.


Three single casement windows combine to frame this kitchen's grand view of Virginia's rolling hills. I'm especially fond of the apron sink and Arts and Crafts trim.


Bathroom casement windows are easy to open and can help alleviate steaminess when you're having tub time.


With rounded tops and antique brass cam handles, these San Francisco windows are a casement dream come true.


Casement windows are featured above an apron sink — perfect for enjoying a crisp breeze while washing dishes.


At the top of a stairwell, French casement windows offer excellent ventilation.


Wide-open casements are the perfect window choice at this Colorado home, welcoming unobstructed views and Rocky Mountain breezes.


Three sets of French casement windows take center stage on the front elevation of this sprawling Southern beach home.

Two sets of French casement windows add to the lightness, brightness and airiness of this San Francisco bedroom.

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