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Who We Are?

Open One Door, Open A New World.

HEDE is a fast grow up brand in china. It is Focusing on wood door and windows developing, manufacturing and trading.

We believe that our door design makes the difference between an ordinary house and an extraordinary home.

Where We Are?

Welcome to visit us.

Our Factory located in xiangzhu industry zone, YongKang,Zhejiang province,China.

From Shanghai to our factory 3 hours way and from Yiwu to our factory one hours way by Train.

How To Make A Shipment?

Loading with container and ship by cargo vessel.

How many Piece Can Be Loading In Each Container ?

It is depend on the door size and door leaf thickness, Different size will be Different

Loading Quantity:

For Normal size (2000*900*50mm)

20 GP container 200-220 piece

40 GP container  410-460 piece

40  HQ container   480-540 piece

What I can receive?

The door will coming with complete pre-hung package which including door leaf, frame,lock,hinge,handle bolt ect.

Which Sea Port Is Near To Us?

NingBo Sea Port and Shanghai Sea port. 

How To pay?

T/T, L/C payment is acceptable. 

OEM service is acceptable?

Yes. That is ok.

Can I Be A Wholesaler Or Retailer In Our region For Golden Man Brand?

Yes .welcome to join in our big family.

What Is The Different Between Solid And Veneered Interior Doors?

Solid  wood interior  doors  are  constructed  purely  from  solid  pieces  of  wood. They  are  not veneered nor do they have particle cores. You get the strength of true solid wood and unmatched craftsmanship with these doors. Click the link to read more about how our solid wood doors are made.

Wood veneered interior doors have a solid engineered core with real wood veneers applied over it and solid wood edges. These provide more stability than true solid wood doors and are equally well crafted. They are heavy and solid just like true solid wood doors, but are often more cost effective with no sacrifice to quality. Visit this section to read more, or call us and speak to our sales team to learn more about them.

How To Buy?

Step 1: Determine your door specifications.

We will need to know door widths, height, thickness, style and wood species for each door.

Step 2: Determine your jamb and prehang specifications (if applicable).

For each door we will need to know handing, jamb width and hinge color.

Step 3: Send us the above information.

You can use our quote request forms or make your own form. You can fax, email or call in your list.

Make sure you include your last name, email, phone, fax and zip code.

Step 4: Review the initial quote carefully.

Be sure to double check each door on the quote for size and swing. Contact us if any revisions need to be made.

We will include several options on the quote such as pre-finishing, shipping insurance and extended warranty. Let us know which options you want and don't want,We will then make any revisions needed and send you a final quote.

Step 5: Review the final quote carefully, sign and return.

The final quote will include the door specifications, payment options, delivery address form and delivery acceptance instructions.

Payment can be made via wire transfer, credit card (mastercard or visa) or bank draft. Once we receive your signed paperwork and payment information your down payment or full payment will be processed and your order will be placed into our system.

How do I determine door swings?

There is a drawing at the top of our printable quote form that shows RH (right hand) and LH (left hand) swings. Match your doors to this drawing. For interior doors we do not care whether the door swings into or out of a room. Just match the door to the drawing.

How big should my rough openings be?

We recommend adding 2" to the door width and 2-1/2" to the door height for your rough opening. For example a 30" wide x 80" high door will require a 32" wide x 82.5" high rough opening. A 60" wide double door (2 doors at 30" each) with ball catches will require a 62" wide rough opening. If a double door is going to require a  t-astragal you will need to add the astragal thickness to the rough opening also. 

This is will be an addtional 1/2" to 3/4".

How will my doors be delivered?

Your doors and jambs will be carefully stacked, shrink wrapped and banded onto a pallet. Wood sides and a top will then be constructed around the doors for additional protection and make a shipment by cargo ship in 30day after we received your deposit payment.

What does the optional shipping insurance cover?

If you decline the optional shipping insurance you will be on your own to recover damages from the freight company. If you take the optional shipping insurance and you follow the delivery acceptance instructions and prove to us that the doors were indeed damaged or missing before you unloaded them we will replace at no charge.